VASER Liposculpture Offer

  • State-of-the-art VASER High Definition Lipo
  • More fat can be removed than other methods
  • Minimal bruising, quicker recovery
  • Summer ready
  • Starting at $1,500 per area*


*Done under general anesthesia at an additional cost. Average number of areas 6.

VASER Liposuction With General Anesthesia

VASER Liposuction is state-of-the-art when it comes to body contouring. Because your surgeon can remove fat from the deep and surface layers, it allows them to reveal your natural muscle highlights.

  • More fat can be removed safely than any other method
  • VASER's gentle ultrasound technology minimizes tissue trauma which means less bruising and faster recovery
  • 360 body sculpting is possible, giving patients proportionate, balanced results

Safer Surgical Experience

Quicker Recovery

SurgiSculpt (16)

Affordable Pricing

A Safe Surgical Experience

General anesthesia has come a long way in the last decade in terms of safety and after effects. For most patients, grogginess lifts quickly and queasiness is rare.

At Awake Liposuction Centers when we do procedures that require our patients to be asleep, we use only M.D. Anesthesiologists. That means, depending on your surgical team, you have two physicians, an RN and other medical team experts to keep your procedure moving efficiently and monitored at all times.

Why VASER Liposuction Provides A Quicker Recovery

Most liposuction technologies including traditional, laser, air sculpt create a fair amount of soft tissue and blood vessel damage. 

Since VASER uses ultra sound and not heat or force, the fat is softened and shaken loose much like shaking grapes off their stems. 

The net effect is less bruising, swelling, and discomfort after surgery. These benefits result in an earlier return to your daily routine.

Why Our Offer Of VASER Liposuction Provides The Most Affordable Pricing

Surgeons that are experienced and highly skilled, like our doctors, must go through special training and be certified to be VASER specialists. They use the most expensive technology in cosmetic surgery to date. To be a great VASER surgeon requires artistry, dedication and physical stamina. 

You might expect the combination of artistry, experience and special technology to make VASER High Definition Liposuction cost more than other methods. You would be right.

We have asked our VASER surgeons to make their talents available at a more accessible cost than other doctors, while getting fairly compensated for their high-quality work.

When you get a quote for your personalize surgical plan, you can count on Beverly Hills quality but not Beverly Hills pricing.

We Offer A Full Suite Of Cosmetic Procedures

If you are considering a tummy tuck, a breast procedure or a BBL, the ideal time to have any of those surgeries is at the same time as your VASER liposuction. In fact, your healthy fat is ideal for a BBL or a modest increase in bust size.

We will ensure the surgeon you have your consultation with, knows your cosmetic surgery goals so that they can address a well-rounded, personalize plan.

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We Know Liposuction

Our surgeons are skilled in liposuction.  They know local anesthesia and general anesthesia and offer a variety of liposuction techniques and procedures.


My doctor was Dr. Mirzania. Ok, let me tell you!!!! He is SOOOO GOOD!!!! I’m so so happy he took care of me, and he did my surgery. He really makes sure you look good and takes into consideration everything I wanted, which was to still keep my shape. During surgery, he was always communicating with me and making sure I was doing well.

Real Self Review
V 6458.

With the 360 lipo, I was back at work 2 days later and had the most amazing results ever. Dr. Mirzania had the best bedside manners ever and was always asking if I was ok and comfortable during my procedure. His surgical nurse was amazing as well.

Yelp Review
Elizabeth M.

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