Awake Liposuction Offers

  • Done under local anesthesia and oral sedation*

  • Quicker recovery

  • Safer surgical experience

  • Affordable pricing starting at $999 per area

*General anesthesia is available at an additional cost.

Awake Liposuction With Local Anesthesia

Awake Liposuction is a unique cosmetic treatment that allows patients to remain conscious using local pain management during their procedure. Unlike conventional liposuction performed under general anesthesia, awake liposuction requires NO general sedation!

Safer Surgical Experience

Quicker Recovery

Affordable Pricing

Why Awake Liposuction Provides A Safer Surgical Experience

Awake Liposuction provides the unique opportunity to remove unwanted fat without general anesthesia. Anesthesia is very safe for a majority of people. However, it can take a toll on your body if you have an underlying medical condition such as COPD or asthma. It can also be a concern to older patients.

General anesthesia is predicated on an anesthesiologist taking control of your breathing by intubating you with a tube. 

A final advantage of avoiding general anesthesia is eliminating the risk of developing a blood clot that occurs only when unconscious.

Why Awake Liposuction Provides A Quicker Recovery

You avoid nausea and grogginess associated with surgery done with general anesthesia. During Awake Liposuction, you feel pressure but not discomfort because suctioning areas will be injected with a numbing solution.

Since you are awake, you can communicate to your surgeon if you feel discomfort so they can add more numbing solutions. Continued feedback with your surgeon also helps to reduce avoidable irritation to nerves and blood vessels.

The net effect is less bruising, swelling, and discomfort after surgery. These benefits result in an earlier return to your daily routine.

Why Awake Liposuction Provides Affordable Pricing

Awake Liposuction is more affordable because it avoids many operating room fees. These include the services of an anesthesiologist, multiple surgical assistants, and additional medical supplies and medications.

Also, you don't need to complete preoperative clearance with your doctor and do laboratory testing, which is necessary for general anesthesia cases.

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We Know Liposuction

Our surgeons are skilled in liposuction.  They know local anesthesia and general anesthesia and offer a variety of liposuction techniques and procedures.


My doctor was Dr. Mirzania. Ok, let me tell you!!!! He is SOOOO GOOD!!!! I’m so so happy he took care of me, and he did my surgery. He really makes sure you look good and takes into consideration everything I wanted, which was to still keep my shape. During surgery, he was always communicating with me and making sure I was doing well.

Real Self Review
V 6458.

With the 360 lipo, I was back at work 2 days later and had the most amazing results ever. Dr. Mirzania had the best bedside manners ever and was always asking if I was ok and comfortable during my procedure. His surgical nurse was amazing as well.

Yelp Review
Elizabeth M.

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